What Can You Use Pocket Drug Guide for?

Pocket Drug Guide is a modern medication guide, a site where each patient can check the availability of drugs in their hospital. Given the ever-increasing number of clinical trials and the participation of subjects in them, there is a need to ensure an appropriate level of ethical examination of clinical trials. The purpose of such examination is to prevent possible risks to the subjects and to monitor compliance with ethical and moral principles during clinical trials. The effectiveness of ethics commissions depends on the level of competence of commission members in matters of ethical expertise, which is largely due to their training and methodological support.

Pocket Drug Guide has developed a very effective and easy-to-use service so that a person can check the medication in a few seconds, protecting themselves from gross counterfeit medicines. This site contains the information retrieval system of the State Register of Medicines, which was formed by the state enterprise “State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health”. The system provides information on medicines registered and instructions for medical use.

You can not run to pharmacies in search of all the necessary goods, and find them and book on the site, and then pick them up at a convenient time at the nearest pharmacy near your home or on the way to work, saving your time and money. On this site you will also find reference information on medicines (instructions, analogs, defective batches of drugs, etc.), current data on the availability of medicines, and their prices in pharmacies.

Clinical trials (CF) play an important role in the development of new drugs because the decision on the medical use of a drug (drug) can be made only after a systematic study of it in humans and on the basis of proven efficacy and safety.

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