This World Health Day let’s Break the Mental Health Stigma

World Health Day is the best opportunity to talk and open a dialogue about mental health issues. Today, when everyone is chasing physical health often mental health is still yet to receive the centre stage as it is surrounded by stigma and misunderstanding. However, the time has come that we openly discuss the importance of mental well-being and break the barriers of stigma that stop individuals from seeking help and support.

Mental health care is highly neglected despite tremendous efforts being made to raise awareness and break misconceptions. One of the most challenging aspects of mental health is the prevalent stigma regarding it in society. This pervasive attitude of society prevents individuals from seeking support and help. This attitude of society acts as a roadblock in the recovery of people suffering from mental health issues thereby perpetuating misunderstanding.

Following are certain steps that we as a society can practice to break the mental health stigma

  1. Education:
    It is important to educate the society about mental health issues. Educating the masses can be done through numerous programs, workshops, and mental health awareness campaigns.
  2. Encouragement:
    Encouraging open conversations around mental health issues helps in dispelling certain myths and misconceptions.
  3. Be polite:
    While discussing or educating the masses about mental health it is very important to pay attention to the language and tone used. Being mindful of the language and tone can give mental health problems patients respect and empathy.
  4. Share Stories:
    Sharing personal stories, battles, and experiences of mental health challenges gives hope to others to face the challenge. Additionally, it also inspires many to seek support and promote understanding and empathy about it.

How to support people with mental health issues?

As we want to break the stigma surrounding mental health here are certain ways in which you can extend your support to people facing mental health issues.

  1. First step: Listen:
    Listening actively to people while they are sharing their stories is one of the key factors that help people overcome their mental health issues. Listening actively without being judgemental is the biggest support one can extend to people with mental health issues.
  2. Second step: Encourage going to a professional:
    If anyone in your knowledge is struggling with mental health problems encourage them to take the help of a professional. A professional assistant helps provide necessary support, guidance, and treatment.
  3. Third step: Create a supporting environment:
    Foster an environment where individuals with mental health issues feel safe and heard discussing their issues. It is important to create compassionate and empathetic surroundings. The cost of health insurance in India is expensive similarly the cost of mental health treatment is also high. Therefore, insuretech companies in India should take the lead in creating a platform where individuals with mental health can sign up to discuss their issues.

How to get started?

To create a community of people ready to break the stigma around mental health it is important to first start with self. Here are certain ways where you can step up and get started in offering your support.

  • The first step is to educate oneself about mental health issues you can do so by reading books, research papers, articles, etc.
  • Be empathetic and compassionate towards people around you as everyone is going through a tough time.
  • Join mental health support groups or awareness campaigns to contribute towards the well-being of individuals
  • Offer time to people and listen to them without being judgemental about them and their issues.

Health insurance in India is one of the most sought products of insurance. Similarly, we hope that insurance startups in India take a step towards breaking the mental health stigma by offering health insurance for a family or individual undergoing mental health issues.

CarePal Secure is a company that offers 24*7 unlimited access to teleconsultation in 16 different Indian languages. So if at any point an individual wants to seek doctor’s consultations, consider teleconsultations.


Mental health is as important as physical health. On this World Health Day let’s pledge to break the mental health stigma surrounding it. Let’s join hands to make our society compassionate and empathetic.

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