The Importance of Person-Centered Care for the Elderly: St. Dominic Villages Philosophy

Person centered care is an important concept when it comes to elderly care. It is a set of philosophies that puts the individual at the center of their care, respecting their autonomy and honoring their dignity and rights. St. Dominic Villages is a long-term care provider that follows this philosophy in its approach to providing care for its elderly residents. Through personalized care plans, tailored activities, and a Geriatric Care Team of healthcare professionals, St. Dominic Villages is committed to providing the highest quality

Ensuring Our Elders Feel Treasured and Respected

At, we understand the importance of providing person-centered care for our elderly. We strive to ensure that our elders feel safe, treasured, and respected, and we view them as individuals with unique needs and stories. Our philosophy is based on the belief that each individual deserves to have their wants, needs, and preferences respected and honored.

We believe in providing our elders with the opportunity to experience meaningful relationships and meaningful activities. We create a safe and secure setting that fosters an atmosphere of respect, trust, and compassion. We strive to ensure that our elders always feel heard and understood, and that their voices are respected. Our team at St. Dominic Villages is committed to honoring the legacy of our elders through providing excellent person-centered care.

Crafting an Environment Where Dignity and Autonomy Reign

At St. Dominic Villages, we believe that all of our elderly citizens, regardless of age or physical condition, deserve to live a life full of dignity and autonomy. We strive to create an environment where this is possible and ensure that our residents have access to the same quality of care regardless of their individualized needs. By crafting an atmosphere of respect and understanding, we are able to provide person-centered care that allows our residents to live a life of security, comfort and purpose.

Fostering Connections and Promoting Well-Being

Person-centered care is foundational to the philosophy of St. Dominic Villages. Fostering connections and promoting well-being of our elderly clients is at the heart of our mission. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that our members feel supported and connected to their environment.


  • Dominic Village’s person-centered care approach prioritizes the dignity, preferences, and goals of each individual senior.
  • This approach recognizes that each senior has unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, and works to tailor care to meet those needs.
  • By providing personalized care, St. Dominic Village empowers seniors to maintain their independence and quality of life.

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