Stem Cell Therapy For Chronic Knee Pain: An Overview!

Anyone living with chronic knee pain knows the consequences of the condition. It’s only a matter of time before the patients stops enjoying an active life, and this can lead to other issues, such as unexpected weight gain. While pain medications and some supplements may come in handy for pain management and reducing the impact, none of these work as a permanent solution for chronic knee pain. Stem cell therapy for knee pain has been a ray of hope for many patients, and here’s more on what you need to know.

Understanding stem cells

Before we discuss more on stem cells therapy, let’s first understand what stem cells are. Simply put, stem cells work as the mother cells for producing other cells in the body. Researchers are interested in stem cells, so as to know how diseases evolve, and finding ways in which stem cells can be effectively used as a regenerative treatment. There are different kinds of stem cells, such as embryonic, tissue-specific and induced pluripotent. Different types of stem cells are found in different parts of the body.

Using stem cells for knee treatment

The process of stem cell therapy starts by extracting stem cells from the patient’s body, typically from fat or bone marrow. These stem cells are then injected into the knee. The process may seem complicated in writing but is minimally invasive. The stem cells start working on the knee by producing new cells and cartilage, and there is a considerable difference in both pain and inflammation. Stem cell treatment is often supplemented by other treatments, like platelet rich plasma or PRP therapy.

Considering Stem cell treatment

If you are interested in stem cell treatment and want to know more on how this particular therapy can work for your knee pain, you have to find a clinic that offers the same. The doctors will not only explain the procedure, but also help you set realistic expectations from the treatment. Done by experts, step cell therapy has emerged as a great alternative to expensive surgeries, and it remains to be seen how this treatment, also called regenerative treatment, impacts the traditional approach to managing knee pain.

The reviews of Stem cell treatment for knee pain have been very encouraging so far, and we can expect more information and detailed studies in years to come. You check for clinics that offer this treatment in your area for details.

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