Some Extremely Bizarre Flavours Of E-Liquid You Can Buy

Vaping is an excellent way to help you stop smoking, and it is almost turning into a cult when you look at some of the flavours you can buy. There are many fruits and desserts flavour profiles that you can choose from, and there are also plenty of weirder flavours. Below are some of the stranger flavours of e-liquid that you can purchase that you may wish to try, but some of them you may not be brave enough.

Butter Flavour E-Liquid

Butter is something that many people love, and they use it in cooking and making sandwiches, amongst other things. However, some people love the taste of butter so much they created a butter flavour vape liquid for people to buy. Looking at the reviews of this flavour online, many people have tried and loved it, stating that it has a smooth and creamy taste. If you are a butter lover and like to use plenty of it with your food, you may wish to try this flavour and buy some online for yourself.

Garlic Flavour E-Liquid

Garlic is another food item used in cooking a lot, and many people love its taste, although it can have an overpowering smell. However, there are people that love garlic so much they decided to create a garlic flavour e-liquid. Reading some of the reviews online, though, and the vape juice is as overpowering as the real thing, so you may wish to brush your teeth if you ever try vaping this strange concoction of vape juice.

Black Pepper Flavour E-Liquid

Another strange flavour we have found online is black pepper flavour e-liquid, another popular food item that people worldwide love. We had reservations about this flavour but looking at the reviews online, the people who have tried it love the bold flavour. If you are into spices, this is one flavour you may want to try, and many people have said they have mixed it with other flavours and have had excellent results.

Bacon Flavour E-Liquid

Many people do not eat pork because of their religious beliefs of they do not like the taste, but bacon is one flavour that many people love. It is not a flavour we initially thought of, but someone came up with the bright idea to create a bacon flavour vape juice, and it seems to have been a hit. If you are on a diet and cannot enjoy a friend breakfast in the morning, you can always try bacon flavour vape juice and get your bacon fix in the morning.

Roast Chicken Flavour E-Liquid

Roast dinners are a part of the culture in the UK, and almost everyone loves roast chicken. So much so that someone has created a roast chicken flavour vape juice that people seem to want to try. Some of the reviews are not as good for this flavour, so it is something we would need to try for ourselves. However, if you love your roast chicken and you are looking for a new flavour profile to try, this one may be right up your street.

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