Live Better With Renewed Wellness: How Aptihealth Is Bringing Key Mental Health Services to Those In Need

Communities throughout the United States are experiencing a growing need and desire for prominent mental health services. Behavioral health services have grown increasingly important and famous since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the pandemic officially ending in 2023 at a federal level, individuals nationwide are looking to address their mental health as they seek to recover and get back to life as usual.

Aptihealth operates as one member of the more extensive web of the healthcare ecosystem. Providing access to HIPAA-compliant video conferencing with licensed therapists and mental providers, Aptihealth is filling a space desperately being sought after by patients nationwide.

Welcome to Aptihealth

Based out of New York State, Aptihealth was founded in 2017 to bring behavioral health services to the masses through best-in-class remote technology. As an innovator in the digital behavioral health services sphere, Aptihealth specializes in connecting patients with licensed therapists to begin the treatment they need to live and feel better.

Aptihealth works with physicians throughout New York State, occasionally referring patients to other systems. Aptihealth creates a fluid and streamlined design that quickly brings the referral process to an end, providing the best care possible for patients along the way. Aptihealth hopes that its all-acuity virtual therapy can get this kind of support to residents throughout. New York State that they need.

Growth of Mental Health Services

The demand for mental health services is growing at an exponential rate. According to recent reports, nearly 50 million adults in the United States reported coping with challenges to their mental health. Half Americans think they have limited access to care, and almost 3/4s of all residents believe that unequal mental services are the norm.

There have been many roadblocks in the way of finding accessible mental healthcare for residents in New York State including stigmas, a lack of broader knowledge regarding potential mental healthcare services, and a fear of being judged by their peers. As residents continue to acclimate to the importance of mental health services, the stigmas should continue to vanish.

One of the most damning reasons for a lack of mental health care is long waits and longer drives. Patients reported waiting up to six weeks to secure the care they required from their mental health provider. Furthermore, U.S. residents said that nearly half of the population has driven over an hour roundtrip just to receive these integral services.

Aptihealth hopes that by offering advanced telehealth services at fractional pricing, they can help patients overcome many of the hurdles that we’ve outlined above. With quick-and-convenient scheduling systems designed around supremely accessible video conferencing software, more and more patients are finding it easier to get the support they need.

According to the CDC, nearly 37% of adults have used telemedicine similar to Aptihealth over the past year, with many among that number looking to get more from the service.

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