Ivermectin as the Best to be Saved from River Blindness Disease

To date, there is an insufficient codification of documented cases of the effectiveness of treatment with ivermectin drug. We would like to note that in our case, the mortality rate when taking Ivermectin was 0%, and in 100% of cases of treatment with Ivermectin, an improvement in the course of the disease and resolution of fever were observed within 48 hours after the start of therapy.

Decreased health education among the adult population regarding information about worms, living pets (dogs and cats) in apartments, the prevalence of Chinese and Japanese cuisine leads to poor hygiene and increased morbidity. Swimming pools, sanatoriums, resorts, water parks no longer require a certificate of absence of worms, this also applies to hotels in Turkey, Egypt, Montenegro, Croatia.

The complexity of ivermectin treatment of parasites is due to the manifestation of non-specific symptoms, and worst of all – the parasites reduce the body’s resistance by constantly depleting the immune system. They can cause obstruction of the bile ducts, the development of abscesses in the liver and pancreas, intestinal obstruction, appendicitis, rupture of the intestinal wall.

The presence of pinworms in the vagina and parasite eggs in the vulva, vagina, perianal area is accompanied by allergic manifestations with a characteristic clinical picture of redness, itching, swelling, changes in secretions, discomfort, or pain during intercourse. It is known that the prolonged presence of parasites in the female genitals can lead to chronic inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs, as well as cause and exacerbate inflammatory processes in the vagina.

This is due to both the direct action of parasites and the influence of the products of their activities on the epithelial barrier. With the combined action of opportunistic flora and parasites, the clinic of candida colpitis or bacterial vaginosis can be observed.

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