How Can Alcohol Consumption Be Harsh on Your Skin? What Is the Remedy for It?

Alcohol consumption is very common amongst people nowadays. Some may just take it occasionally while others make it an everyday habit. As we know excess consumption of anything can cause damage to your body, the same goes with alcohol. It has many adverse ill-effects on your skin that can even get worse with time.

A person who is a frequent alcohol drinker will always have problems with his sleep. This will cause dark circles or puffiness under your eyes. Other than this you may also face dullness of your skin, breakouts, enlarged pores, dry skin, and sometimes redness and inflammation. To come out of these alcohol problems, you need help and that can be given by families, friends, and also Detox to Rehab.

This is a community that can help every person who wants to follow the journey of sobriety. They make use of informative directories, videos, and inspirational content that will help every person whatever might be his problem.

What Are The Effects Of Alcohol Consumption?

Two things may happen due to too much alcohol consumption: one is dehydration and the other is inflammation.


Alcohol can make your skin deprived of water and other essential nutrients that are important to keep your skin beautiful and radiant. A person may have wrinkles, sagging skin, dullness, dryness, etc. Alcohol is a diuretic that will remove all the water from your body, lowering the water level in your body, thus leading to dehydration.


Alcohol drinks especially cocktails and wines have a higher amount of sugar in them. Excessive consumption of it can increase the blood sugar level, which will trigger the hormone and result in acne breakouts due to over-oil production. It also causes inflammatory signals that can make your skin red and inflamed due to its vasodilatory effects.

The only way to avoid skin problems is by keeping yourself hydrated and avoiding alcohol overconsumption.

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