Face the Random Drug Testing With No Frown

Every employer wants to recruit an employee who can deliver the best of his potential. A company must pay attention to the employee’s physical and mental health. Thus, companies choose to test the wellness of the employee before or after recruiting the employee.

Random Drug Testing is conducting in the workspace or also in schools. This testing is unannounced. Companies use a number generator machine that randomly selects an employee for testing. This testing is beneficial to know how healthy the workforce is in the company. Every employee is tested with the help of a technological number-generating device.

When can the testing be conducted?

  • An employer can conduct a test on an employee before recruiting. The employee has to pass the test so that the company assures that the workforce is healthy and can meet the desires goals.
  • The applicant should have received the offer letter after testing negative for the drug test.
  • Testing can also be conducted without any notice in an office environment. The current employees who are working have to undergo the test.
  • The suspicious employer can ask the employee to get tested and assure that there is no sign of drugs affecting the individual.

There are also certain conditions without which an employer or the company cannot conduct a drug test. Employees who test positive will not be terminated at any cost. The positive test employee undergoes an assistant program. The prescribed drugs cannot be considered amidst the test. Under the health insurance policy, the employee can also be rehabilitated.

There are various rules and regulations that the company has to follow before conducting the drug test randomly on its employees. Alcohol testing also takes place if the employer feels suspicious. Screening programs are organized by the companies to keep a check on the well-being and health of their workforce.

The tests are affordable and backed with a digital and technological background. Each company wants to make sure that the employees working are free from any alcohol and drug influence. Thus, medical testing is recommended especially in foreign countries. The welfare of the workforce, as well as the employer, is taken into consideration before planning secret testing upon them.

What steps does the Company take if an employee test positive?

  • The company recommended the positive tested employee seek help from the drug addiction treatment programs.
  • The company can also suspend the individual for the better. This helps one to focus on the program.
  • If the employee refuses the terms that the company offers there are chances of being terminated.

Thus, every employee should keep their body fit mentally and physically. Every company can conduct the test which might be troublesome for the employee who gets influenced by drugs and alcohol.

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