Dr. Richard Nahas Discusses How You Can Decide on A Diet That Actually Works


According to Dr. Richard Nahas, you don’t need to wait for New Year’s Eve to make a weight-loss resolution. That means coming up with a workout routine, hitting the gym regularly, and going on a diet. Let’s check out how you can decide on a diet that actually works.

The Discussion

  1. Match it with your eating style – You’ll come across all kinds of diet plans. Some would require you to switch to Mediterranean cuisine while others require you to have six small meals a day. However, you’re not going to last on a diet irrespective of its health benefits if it doesn’t suit your eating style.

Make sure that your new diet can accommodate regular cooking preparation and that meals can be crafted from ingredients that are available in your area. You should be able to stick to the timing or the number of meals or snacks in the diet plan and the diet should have a family-friendly approach if you aren’t single. 

  1. Match it with your exercise level – Some diets encourage plenty of workouts while others plan to get you moving or simply keep you fit. If you’re not a very active person, you won’t be able to spend hours at the gym right from the beginning. If you choose a diet plan that requires a lot of exercise, you won’t be able to stick to the workout routine for more than a week.

This way, you’ll keep adding weight instead of losing it. That’s why it’s important to choose or modify a diet to match your exercise level. Choose a diet plan that encourages you to do a physical activity that you enjoy, whether it’s walking, swimming, or simply cleaning the house. That way you’ll be able to achieve the calorie burn that’s required for the diet.

  1. Your diet should contain food you like, prepare, and can afford – If your diet is made up of a combination of food and beverages that are unrealistic and unsustainable in the long term, it’s best to avoid it. Some plans require meal replacements that may be good only for runners and other aerobic sports athletes while others may require you to buy ingredients that are unavailable or unaffordable for you. Avoid such diets and choose one that is made from healthy ingredients that are locally available and has meals that can be prepared quickly and look tasty.
  1. Pace of losing weight – Most of the rapid weight loss people experience at the beginning of a diet is fluid loss. After that, fat-burning and losing weight should be a gradual and slow process. Experts recommend sticking to a diet and exercise plan that burns 500 calories a day and helps you shed around one or two pounds of fat each week.


Dr. Richard Nahas suggests that you use all the tips mentioned above to plan out a diet that works for you. There’s no need to choose any extreme option. Gradual and consistent weight loss is the best way to lose weight and stay healthy for the long term.

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