4 Signs You Need to Go to Rehab for An Addiction

Is your addiction getting on top of you? Here are 4 signs that you need some help with your addiction.

Addiction can happen to anyone. Just like every person on this earth is only ever two or three steps away from poverty, so too are we only ever two or three steps away from addiction. Whether the reasons we fall to addiction are economic, social, or political doesn’t matter. The fact is that it can happen to any of us, at any time. So, there should be no stigma surrounding seeking help of alcohol and drug intervention.

How To Get Help for An Addiction?

Getting help for an addiction isn’t easy. First, you must admit to yourself that there is a problem. Once you have done that you must make a visit to a doctor to find out what your treatment options are. You will eventually have to think about going to a rehab clinic – especially if you can’t get a handle on your addiction by yourself.

If you live in the UK, you can seek help for addiction through your local NHS office. However, if you would like to opt for private rehab, which is faster and will allow you to recover on your own schedule, then please visit this site. Otherwise, here are the four signs you need to go to rehab for your addiction.

The 4 Signs You Need to Go to Rehab

Rehab isn’t as scary as it sounds. Here are some of the best signs to notice if you think you might need to go.

1 – You experience withdrawal symptoms

If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms than you have an addiction. Withdrawal symptoms are characterised by only happening to people who have addiction issues. If you do not have an addiction, you won’t experience withdrawal symptoms. It’s as simple as that.

Withdrawal symptoms include things like shakes and sweats, vomiting, nausea, and other physical and mental symptoms. They only occur after you have quit using your drug or alcohol for a few hours.

2 – You can’t stop using

People who don’t suffer from an addiction are able to use alcohol and not continue to do so the following day. They can have a drink and then go to sleep. Wake up, have a hangover but don’t turn to the bottle again the following day. In short, people who aren’t addicted don’t have to use a drug or a drink every day to feel normal.

3 – You don’t feel normal without it

If you can go a single day without using, or without gambling, or whatever other addiction may apply, then you have a problem. If you need to use a substance to feel normal on any day, then you’re addicted to it. You should be able to feel normal without it, or without gambling or having sex.

4 – You have thought about quitting

People who are not addicts don’t have to think about quitting the things they enjoy. If you have thought that you should give up because you use too much, this is a sure sign you should consider rehab.

What Happens in Rehab?

Rehab clinics will put you through a variety of programs, therapies, workshops, and holistic sessions. The purpose of rehab is to help you recover from an addiction and is nothing to be scared of.

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